Itchy Feet!

So much for not visiting sunny Spain again before our final move! We have decided to visit Hondon in September to have a holiday rather than a “business trip”.

Yet again, Col is on a spending spree buying new clothes, where did her clothes go from our last visit?  Col always has an empty wardrobe ……even though its full of clothes! Is this a female thing?

We are staying with our new neighbours Richard and Joanna in one of their newly built casita’s and hoping to relax by their Olympic sized pool!  Hopefully we will get a chance to make more new friends and discover more of the beautiful Hondon Valley.

Luther practicing his swimming skills ready for the Big Move

We will be meeting with Jose, the builder, and no doubt Col will be making a few changes …yet again!

Our UK house is now on the market and we are a bit in limbo as we need to sell before we move to Spain.  As everyone keeps telling us “there is a buyer for every house”……we just hope they come along soon!

When Col and I look at the picture above we don’t see brickwork and an empty pool…….we see sun loungers, cocktails, friends and leisurely days in the sun. (We both have fantastic imaginations!)

We are currently living in a house full of boxes, most of our possessions are packed away and piled into the conservatory and garage.  For breakfast last Sunday, Col decided to have boiled eggs…with soldiers of course, but then couldn’t find an egg cup as it was already packed in box 36a ‘villa’.  Her Blue Peter skills then came into action and an egg cup was created from tin foil.

Col and I both have “Itchy Feet” and can’t wait to sell our house and move into our new villa, along with the boys Luther, Monty and Jacob.

Our next blog will be posted after our next visit.