Location, Location, Location

Well here we are back in the UK after an amazing week in Hondon. Although we have only been away for 7 days I certainly noticed a chill in the air when I got up for work on Monday morning. Eating breakfast on the patio and enjoying a leisurely BBQ in the evenings,  fresh seafood and salad’s seem a distant memory.  We stayed with our new neighbours to be Richard and Joanna Doyle in their newly built casita.  It was lovely spending time with them and their three dogs.  We had forgotten how peaceful and how beautiful the views were and it renewed our passion to live in Spain.

This is the view I will have from my kitchen window!  I think with time I can get used to it!

Although this was meant to be a ‘holiday’ we did meet up with Jose to discuss our options.   Do we stay in the UK until our house sells or do we make the move and live in the Casita?  A very close friend of mine gave me some good advice……… heads or tails?  Toss a coin – heads move to Spain when your house sells – tails, move now and move into the Casita.  This sounded a bit risky to me but after explaining that if the coin lands on heads and you feel your heart drop then you know what to do.  So really the coin doesn’t make your decision, you do, simply by following your heart!  Thank you Sandra Johnson for your advice!

I hate to use the C word in September but this will no doubt be our last Christmas in the UK.  My family will have to use their imagination when coming for Christmas Dinner, as the tree and decorations have been packed away ready for Spain but I’m sure I can rustle a few baubles and tinsel from somewhere!

In October I am looking forward to a visit from my son Sam who lives in Dubai and in November Dave and I will celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary and my birthday.  Lots of things to look forward to and lots of planning to do in the near future.

In our next blog I will tell you about all the plans we have for Casa Abril, which includes chickens, trees and vegetables.  Not necessarily in that order!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to post any comments.