Winter Wonderland

January,  a month of new year’s resolutions, new beginnings, a fresh start.  Not sure about anybody else but if I get half way through the month and haven’t broken my new year resolutions, I’m a bit like a cheshire cat that’s got the cream but true to form week 2 approaches and I think ‘what the hell life’s too short!’

Our dream is to retire to the land of sunshine and live a simple but idyllic life.  Nowhere in our dreams does SNOW come into the equation.  We have received lots of messages and photos from friends showing Hondon covered in Snow!  Apparently this caused chaos on the roads due to the floods of inquisitive Spanish wanting to see a winter wonderland,  as it has been many years since they have seen snow in the area.  Hondon de las Nieves translated means Valley of the Snow but the local meaning is the Virgin of the Snow, which the locals celebrate every year by carrying a statue of the Virgin from the local town to the church.

I know its personal preference but I don’t understand why people book holidays to colder climates.  Ok maybe you’re into skiing and beautiful mountains covered in snow, personally I wasn’t born to be a penguin enjoying the cold climate.  My ideal holiday, is sunshine, cocktails and relaxing!  If you’re like me, please consider Casa Abril as your holiday destination in the near future.  We can promise you total relaxation, sunshine, good food and great service with a smile!