The countdown has begun!  36 days to go!

Monday was a huge day for me as I handed in my notice.  My boss Sandra is also a very close friend and we have been through a lot together which made the ‘deed’ very difficult.  Tears were shed but I have the promise that she will come out to visit me (which is something I will hold her to).   I was hoping to slip away quietly but as my job is to be advertised before I go I felt it only right to tell my team.  I have loved working at Lancon but now the time is right to start our new adventure.

Travel arrangements are in place for us and our pets and we leave on 27th March 2017!

Planning the relocation of our furniture has been a bit of a nightmare.  Our house will be cleared of all belongings on 22nd March so it looks like a bit of indoor glamping will be taking place.  Furniture arrives on 30th March at Casa Abril, which means only one night glamping in Spain.  I have to thank our lovely neighbours Joe and Richard for the loan of two sunbeds to sleep on to see us through our first night.  (They did offer to put us up but we just can’t wait to spend our first night in our new home).

True to form, we made last minute alterations to the Casita this week!  Jose our builder is luckily a very understanding and patient man and although we are miles away I have complete confidence in him.  Living in the Casita will give us an insight for what it will be like for our future guests and we will be able to make it a perfect home from home.

It has been difficult to plan everything being so far away.  Little things like, where we would like the electric sockets, planning the kitchen layout, what size log burner to have, where the ceiling lights will go and planning the outside area.   The list goes on and on and on.  All I can say is thanks for WhatsApp!

If we had sold our house here in the UK the villa would be finished and we would be moving into it,  but in hindsight I think this is probably the best thing that has happened as we will be on site to oversee the final building process and will be able to give our input.  Simple things like choosing a front door to where we want the washing machine will be far easier when we are there.

We have so many things to do in our first month in Spain, like buying a car and sorting out the insurance, getting internet connection, arranging health care for us and the pets, finding out how to set up direct debits for water and electricity, arranging for building and contents insurance and once again the list goes on and on.  All this should be very entertaining as our spanish at the moment is very limited but we are determined to learn the language.

Due to all the packing we have to do over the coming weeks our next blog will be when we are living in Spain.

I intend to do a regular blog of what life in rural Spain is really like, no holds barred!

Thank you for reading and to all my friends, I look forward to seeing you in sunny Spain one day in the future!