Living the Dream

The pace of life in Spain is slow and yet the past 12 months have flown by, not sure how that works!

Life in the UK seems like a distant memory.  I would say working for a living is also a distant memory but since moving here we have done more physical graft than we have done in the past 12 years!  Life is rewarding and enjoyable but there have been moments of stress and frustration thrown in.  The villa is well underway, bathrooms tiled, ceilings nearly complete and work has started on the upstairs sun terraces.

Silly me thought buying a plot of land in Spain and choosing a villa would be a piece of cake!  The word naive springs to mind!  I envisaged choosing pretty cushions, beautiful lights and lots of girly things.  How wrong was I!  How many sockets do you want?  Where do you want them? What sort of heating do you want?  Where do you want your outside taps? Where do you want the pump for your pool? Do you want a wall here?  Do you want electric gates?  The list just goes on and on and all I can think about is I wonder if our new duvet covet will look good with the floor tiles I have chosen.

Luckily we have had a while to plan things but I have no doubts that in a few years we wished we would have made different decisions but we are happy with the choices we have made and I think studying Interior Design for 3 years has helped enormously.

We have so many fantastic memories of our first year in Spain, from family and friends visiting, our first memory was adopting our first rescue dog Molly just weeks after arriving, followed by adopting Charley in October but I think for me the piste de la resistance was when Dave bought his tractor!  Pig in muck is an understatement!  I have never seen him happier.  Up and down the land he goes happily ploughing our weeds into the ground.  I think I may now be 4th in line for his affection.

Tomorrow is our first anniversary of living in Spain.  We still have a lot to learn including the language but we seem to get along ok, we manage to ask for the right meat at the butchers and with our frequent visits to the vets we can now make appointments and ask for medication in Spanish.

We are looking forward to the next year and especially tomorrow when our friends Helen, Chris and their daughter Jess come to visit, but I think the highlight of 2018 will be when my son Sam and his beautiful fiancé Andrea get married in our local church.  Lots of exciting times ahead in this beautiful country which we now consider home.