On 8th June we finally moved into our new home!  It’s been a long time coming but we got there in the end.

On 9th June my son Sam and his wife to be Andrea arrived from Dubai.  On 11th June my parents arrived followed by my daughter Chelsea on 13th June and finally on 14th June,  Andrea’s Mum and family landed.  A hectic month is an understatement.  Moving into our new home, followed by a Pre Meet Wedding Party for 60 guests, 18th June Wedding Day and 19th June Wedding After Party for all the guests!  And take a breath……….

To say we are exhausted is an understatement but would we have it any other way?  No!  The house seems very quiet now but alas not for long.  More family and friends due soon.

Boxes.  Boxes are everywhere, I unpack one box only to find I have filled two more!  How does that work?!  I hate clutter and everything must have a place so we decided to go to IKEA to kit out our Utility Room.  Floor cupboards and wall cupboards purchased, an enjoyable evening of erecting flatpack’s commenced.  Oh the joy!  Thankfully prosecco and beer eased the pain.  So now I have a nice tidy Utility Room with everything in it’s place?  Wrong!  I have discovered that I apparently have a passion for candles, candle holders and cookery books so all my cupboards are now full leaving me with a dilemma of where do I put the pet food, laundry products, tea towels and cleaning products.  I guess another trip to IKEA is on the cards.

Some of you may be wondering what’s #SCAM.  SCAM is a facebook page created by my son and new wife for all the wedding guests and the name simply comes from their initials.  A brilliant idea to keep all the guests updated before, during and after events of the wedding and a great way for everyone to keep in touch and share photo’s.  #SCAM to me will always remind me of the fantastic month of June 2018.  The year we moved into our dream home and the month my son got married.

Enjoy your summer with your family and friends.