Good Intentions!

So over a year has come and gone since our last blog………  where does the time go?  My intention was to write at least every 3 months but like all good intentions they appear to have fallen by the wayside.

Since my last blog we have experienced several earthquakes,  one of the worst gota fria’s for years and some of the most horrendous winds but at the end of the day we survived,  plus we have rescued 3 kittens whom have all been rehomed, one of which lives next door. They have named him Norman but for some reason his nickname is Satan!

For those of you that know about my passion for cushions and candles, I have discovered I also love flamingos and even better I have discovered flamingo cushions.  Heaven!  Could my life be more perfect?!  Actually yes because we now have a lovely fluorescent pink flamingo by the pool.  Sadly she faded in the sun over summer but my lovely friend Cathy bought a spray paint and with the dogs overlooking this delicate operation I can now safely say both dogs and flamingo are now a beautiful fluorescent pink!

We have had lots of family and friends over during the past 18 months but no-one gets away with relaxing all of their holidays.  We have dragged some up mountains, drowned some on a rafting day, given some alcoholic poisoning and used many as free labour to plough the fields! Hopefully many of them will return again next year.

We are still trying to learn the language and according to our teacher Hilary we know more than we think.  I would love to agree with her but only recently Dave went to the bar to get me a glass of ice (hielo) but ended up asking for a glass of eggs (huevos)!  I think we can safely say we have a long long way to go but we won’t give up!

If there is one thing I have learnt since coming to Spain is that the word ‘mañana” is VERY important.  Never under estimate this little word.  In Spain ‘mañana’ translates to tomorrow but in reality it means, possibly tomorrow but it could be next week unless there are public holidays and weekends in-between, then it could be next month.  Patience you will need in abundance but the positives of living in Spain far out weigh the negatives.

People have said we are very brave to move to Spain but in reality we aren’t.  Sunshine versus rain?  Beautiful fresh local produce, outstanding scenery, fantastic beaches, locals who make you feel so welcome and the most important a bottle of prosecco for just 2 euros!  Yes you read that right 2 euros plus you can buy 5 litres of wine from our award winning local bodega for just 6 euros!  It is a hard life but I guess some of us have to do it.

We would just like to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and New Year because although I do have good intentions I doubt I will do another blog until 2020.