I recently retired from the Gas Industry after 38 years.  It was time for a change and that change morphed it’s way from the idea of starting a B&B in Wales to the eventual “dream” of living the rest of our lives in Spain.  We are eagerly anticipating this drastic departure from the UK and looking forward to moving into our Spanish Villa in the small village of Hondon de las Nieves.  We have already made lots of friends from our regular trips and hope to enjoy the alfresco lifestyle the warmer climate affords.  We just hope that our furry family members also enjoy the move to the peaceful  Hondon region.  Monty will be the most defiant of them all, Jacob will hopefully adjust quickly.


With Dave taking early retirement the prospect of working until I was 67 somehow did not appeal!  The project of Casa Abril was born and is now becoming a reality.  Some of you may be wondering where the name Casa Abril came from, well quite simply it is the month Dave and I met and our house in the UK is named April House.

I have recently taken up photography which I enjoy immensely and I am looking forward to discovering the delights of the Hondon Valley and hopefully do it some justice with my photos!  I also love gardening, walking, animals and cooking.  Cooking is a passion we both share and we have been known to try and replicate dishes from Masterchef.  I think our most daring challenge was making a croque en bouche which tasted absolutely delicious.  I’m not sure whether Jacob was impressed with our spun sugar skills (this was done outside) as he ended up covered in half of it!

I hope one day you get to spend some time with us at Casa Abril.


Jacob is a cream colour point British shorthair.  He is now in his senior years and loves nothing more than basking in the sun, taking in his surroundings. We are unsure if he likes to wear his pink beret?


Monty is a blue British shorthair. He is rather wary of strangers but you may catch a glimpse of him hunting in the garden, or scurrying away to hide in some secluded area in the grounds of the villa.

Sadly Monty passed away on 15th February 2019 at the age of 14 years and 8 months.  He will remain in our hearts and on our website as he was part of our dream.  Night night god bless little man.  Forever in our hearts. xx


Molly is the latest addition to Casa Abril. Found abandoned in a sealed cardboard box in the garbage bins, how could we resist not bringing her home. Although we do not know her date of birth or breed we are sure you will agree she is very tiny and cute.


Meet Charlie, a new playmate for Molly.  Another rescue dog, who we fell in love with.  Better known as “Cheeky Charlie” he is a playful character who will do anything for food!